A purpose

I know quite a few people who have been, in their lives, told that they ought to spend more time writing. It is a fortunate thing for me that I do, else I might think myself special.

I have something of a mixed motivation for starting a blog; really anything in my life given my flights of fancy. However, I feel compelled to actually try it for once since I find myself at an unfortunate intersection in my life. I find myself politically and morally compelled, but altogether without a platform. I hold, what I believe to be a very peculiar set of beliefs and I find myself frustrated with a particular bent in this fact.

I am frustrated with the lack of patience in my world. I find myself constantly annoyed, irked, upset, and saddened by the fact that I so rarely see people take the time to see things through and hear each other out. Patience used to be a virtue. A characteristic of the highest regard. I see this so rarely now that I am in need of a space where I can foster my need to express my frustration in a way that will hopefully breed patience.

I intend this to be a blog of many topics; of politics, religion, social morality, and simple day-to-day observations. I will not pretend to be an expert in anything (I certainly am not), but I cannot abide by this idea that the simple presence of a difference between my beliefs and opinions and those of others engenders some sort of social responsibility that I silently acquiesce to the world around me. I will not go silently into the night, as it were.

To often I see emotional vomit in response to the events of world. Where we ought to foster patience and the sharing of knowledge in response to the goings-on in the world I see an abdication of brotherhood; a fierce response to “the other”. In this I think we fail in growing not only as a people, but failing at that great commission.

I am a traditional conservative in the vein of classical liberalism. This simple thing makes me evil in the eyes of some, and wise in those of others’. To often I see those two groups throwing mud when it ought to be a peaceful conversation under the auspices of a desire to share knowledge with each other.

Where some see the effects of the disparate impact of various political policies I see the failings of a new societal norm. Neither of these should be taken alone or at face value. There is merit to both, and there are flaws to both. But the perception and acceptance of one over the other demands a measured and thoughtful response. Anything else should be seen as a poor, malnourished, and disrespectful response in regards to the improvement of our world. We are people. Nothing more and nothing less. To do anything other than treat each other with the patience and humility we expect to receive from others is not “manly”.

Self-control, discipline, and an ever-curious mind should be the core tenants of how we live our lives. We ought not to simply rely on others for our views of the world. To do so makes us no better than the soulless box through which we see the majority of the it to which we do not have ready access. I have not seen what has happened in the Ukraine with my own eyes, but I trust that someone has, and it is my responsibility to take my knowledge and my understanding, and seek after what is True. I must then trust that someone has presented me with ‘True’ information.

Truth – with a capital ‘T’ – is. Our perspective of it’s viewing may be different, but it is nonetheless. If it is not, then I must be god since I’ve simply imagined you into existence from my relative need for company. I posit that Truth is; it is, therefore, my responsibility to seek it out and share it.

We are not called to continue to watch the shadows dance, but to escape to the light so that we might come back with a little to share. The Truth we are called to share will certainly be painful. It will not be well received. However, it is necessary.

A purpose is a cause, an impetus, or a drive. A purpose is a reason for a thing. The purpose for this blog is to attempt to foster a community for one to share with all in in the virtue of patience of which we have great need. Let us then share with each our lives and our world through The Virtue of Patient Knowledge.

-The Samaritan